Enjoy our teaser clips - actual scenes of the movie:

ROCCO BUKATZOO - The Crazy Mafia Action Adventure

This film tells the hilarious story of ROCCO, a third generation Italian-American wannabe gangster / street hustler.
Coincidentally, he lands a job as an intern with the powerful, "retired" mob boss SALVATORE, and mayhem ensues...

This independent feature is directed by Mikel Caprice and produced by Pacific Storm FX & Prodigium Pictures.

With the help of known Hollywood actors and a wonderful independent crew, 50% of the movie's profits will be donated to charity.
Come along and enjoy "Rocco Bukatzoo". Making movies and feeling good, that's our passion.

For more information, please contact
Mikel Caprice or info@prodigium-pictures.com.


Max Amini Robert Miano

Behind the Scenes Photographs

Rocco is a non-stop pot smoker ... The lead character uses an ex-cop car. Rocco's colorful gang German actors Tim Sander and Andreas Schaap preparing for the sniper scene Tim communicating with boss Salvtore More crazy characters: the City Pirates Natalie, the crack lady Mounting the Canon EOS 7D on the Chevy 'FBI' car for the stunt chase
The fast and wild crew Do it yourself crew - our vehicles Salvatore's private Limousine for his lady Vehicle of the crazy tobacco-chewing 'Redneck Cowboys' Another $500 stunt/chase vehicle with camera mounts, front and rear Pre-planning in our film office for the chase and shootout
On location for the chase: Side mount chase with cinematic view for Cam A, and back seat over-the-shoulder perspective for Cam B, operated by the DPs Hiroki Kamada and Tobias Deml, while director/stuntman Mikel Caprice is getting ready. The supercharged Dodge of the Mafia bodyguards The bodyguards in action, chasing Rocco. Mikel and Toby getting ready for a stunt Examining the after-crash site
Mikel Caprice, director of 'Rocco Bukatzoo' Tobias Deml, Co-DP, with the Canon EOS 7D - Thank you Canon, for your quality products! Hiroki Kamada, Co-DP of 'Rocco Bukatzoo'

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